Coiba’s little ones – Part 2

Spotted sharpnose puffer

Adorning its dark-brown body are countless white dots, which grow to become more numerous in the adults. In fact, the scientific name (Canthigaster punctatissiam) quite literally translates as meaning covered in small spots. They tend to spend much of their day gingerly swimming around, ducking in and out of caves and crevices in their surroundings. They are generally solitary, but occasional form loose groups in which it seems sometimes that they are playfully chasing each other. What I love about them? Apart from their cute appearance with their pointed snout and how they are frantically waving their little fins to propel themselves forward they seem to be quite curious and unafraid. This reaction to a diver while they self just grow to a maximum of 4 inches is quite awe-inspiring.

-by Inga

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