Internships at Panama Dive Center

Some people think that internships or work-exchange programs can have negative implications, such as for the business to take advantage of the “cheap labour” and jobs being lost to the locals. This may well be the case in some places, but not here. We want to be clear that interns are not replacing local staff. They are here to learn about diving and to make their experience in Panama so much more than just a short visit. Instead of a monetary exchange for diving and courses, they help in and around the shop. They support the community by sharing their experiences, knowledge and skills and are a vital part to the town’s economy.


We have openings for internships all year long for various types of long-term travelers: those who want to do some diving, those who also would like to further their education in the diving field and those who would like to become dive professionals and come to do their Divemaster (click here if that is you). You will be living in the idyllic town of Santa Catalina on the Pacific shore of Panama, and have the opportunity to dive one of the most spectacular places in this area of the world: Coiba National Park.


It is thanks to our interns that we are able to offer the kind of service that we do. Having people from all parts of the world become part of our lives is an incredibly enriching experience for all of us who work at the dive center. Each intern comes with new ideas, a new set of skills, a new approach and for the most part, we learn as much as they do.


  • love diving and have a passion for the ocean
  • want to further your education in the field of diving (if you are a DM already, this internship is not for you)
  • want more than a holiday
  • want to experience life in Panama
  • are looking for experience in the dive industry
  • can stay for a minimum of two months
  • are over 23 years old
  • speak English fluently

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