Coiba Panama Turtle Snorkel

If you are not interested in discovering scuba diving, but would still like to accompany your friend/partner/family and experience the magic of Coiba National Park, you can come snorkeling with us. On the same boat as the divers, you will be able to jump in the water an admire from above what the divers see from below.  Once the divers are submerged, the assistant on the boat will accompany you to make you feel safe and help you spot the wonderful creatures that live in the park. Please note that this adventure is only available to people accompanying divers that have booked with us, so contact us if you´d like to make a booking.

What You Can See:

Contrary to popular belief, the snorkeling can be just as rewarding in terms of the amounts of life that can be seen as the diving. Among other things there is a possibility to see white-tipped reef sharks, turtles, dolphins, various rays, schools of jacks, blue-fin trevallies, snappers and of course lots of colourful butterflyfish and parrotfish. In season, it is even possible to spot whale sharks (January to April) or a humpback whale (July to September). Gallery

Our Prices:

One day with two – three different snorkeling spots: $80 + entrance fee

All the prices include equipment, a guide, the boat ride, a sandwich, fruit and water.

Entrance Fees to the National Park:

For Foreigners: $20 per day

For Panamanians and residents: $5 per day

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